Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Update of Meghan's classes

Last week Meghan screamed for about 2 minutes when Miss Catherine took her and I closed the door. But then she held her hand and eventually danced by herself.
This week Meghan screamed harder and tried to crawl to the door as I was closing it, like from some movie where the monster has her by her leg and she just can't get to safety quick enough. Broke my heart!
But, then in less than 1 minute, she was fine, sitting next to her teacher, not on her, and did the whole class without a problem.
We decided to try this with mini movers the next day with different teachers. She has been especially clingy with that class. So I brought her in, dropped off to the teachers and they grabbed her while she lunged for my leg and she screamed while I walked out of the gym. By the time the door shut, Meghan was participating in the stretching that she would never do with me there. She did everything, had a great time, and was even sweaty. Miss Candy told me that I am now banned from her gym! Out of sight out of mind!

And then there's library....

I don't want to push my luck and try to force her to do too many big girl things at one time, but I have been the only mom sitting in the story hour with the kids and the kind of intimidating, a little scary, abrasive, majorly tatooed, etc. Children's librarian has told me that their class is not supposed to have parents with them. Unfortunately all other classes are full, so I can't switch it. So, today we sat outside of the room, picked out books, asked if she wanted to go have fun with the class (to which she said no) and left.

I don't really know what to do, but I don't want to force her to do something that she really doesn't want to and I can't just leave her and let her cry for a minute because they won't let us do that either.
Am I wrong to let Meghan decide if she wants to do it or not? 

I'm really proud of her for doing the dance and movers classes and she's been sleeping in her own bed. I don't want to give her too much stress all at one time.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meghan versus her classes

I signed Meghan up at the Y so she could take some classes since I am not putting her in preschool this year. She is taking Princess Dance (ballet) and Mini-Movers (sports). The first day of mini-movers I dropped her off and went downstairs to read while I waited the 1/2 hour for her to be done. She supposedly did pretty well and only cried a few times. That was last week....
This week Meghan went to her first dance class on Monday and I could not peel her off of me. I ended up sitting on the floor with her on my lap almost the entire time. She did get up once to sachet across the floor with her teacher, and then again to get a sticker. Parents are not supposed to stay in class and all the other 3 year olds seemed fine. Today, I had hopes that mini-movers would go well again. But it did not. I stayed with her and held her hand, while she cried, and I learned to play soccer. This time she didn't even want the sticker.  Meghan 2 - Classes 0
I'm hopeful that she will eventually be able to seperate herself from me and maybe even enjoy class down the road.
In other news, Aubrey got 100's on her first 2 tests!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

 I am convinced that my girls are part fish. Ever since Aubrey and Julie took swim lessons this summer and learned how to go underwater, they love swimming.  Or maybe they always loved swimming, but now I feel more confident to let them swim without me having to hold their hands. Their lessons this summer were from a lady who has been teaching swim lessons for 43 years!  She is a little 60-something fireball of energy who conquered amazing feats with my children who would NEVER go underwater before. It was so amazing to see them going underwater after just a couple of lessons. This weekend they got to show off their newfound skills to me and I went a little picture happy! And, of course, I had to get some close ups of Meggie!
Sisterly Love
They actually get along when they are left alone!

Love her curls!

Meg's Hmmm face

School for Meg

Today I was watching one of our little neighbors get on the bus for her first day of all-day kindergarten, and I started thinking about Meghan's first day. Granted, it's not for 2 more years, but I think I'll start worrying about that now!
Meghan starts her mini-movers class today and is super excited about it! Hopefully she doesn't freak out when she realizes that I'm not allowed to stay with her....or hopefully I don't freak out I should say.